Saturday, January 1, 2011

What I Miss

So I of course miss all of you. That’s obvious. There’s email and phone calls (I have internet in the house for a month so I can call and Skype much easier now).
But what I REALLY miss, what I cannot call up on the phone is....fried chicken with honey and hot sauce, greens (it’s all your fault Ingrid), and corn bread, though if I could call them I wonder what they would say? :) For the past few days I’ve had a craving that will NOT go away. I wake up hungry. Which might be a good thing, meaning I’m completely adjusted to the altitude.
So I’ve found people in the market that sell turnips with the greens still on them, but I can’t find the other greens. And I found honey and hot sauce (but not my favorite kind). And some of the most exciting news of the month...I got a stove/oven and a fridge. The fridge doesn’t fit in my tiny kitchen, so it’s become part of the living room furniture along with my new table and bookcase.
It finally looks like I live here, and it finally feels that way too. Now if I can only make chicken like Popeye’s and greens like Ingrid! I’m so hungry!

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