Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I've found that the road I find myself going down is constantly finding ways to challenge me. There's always something new to try. Most new things don't scare me, or at least I can pretend it doesn't to get myself through it. Yesterday I tried something new, at first I didn't think it would scare me. But there were a few minutes where I didn't think it would happen. But having two older brothers has helped me learn to push through my fears. So I climbed to the top, and I might have found a new addiction. Here are the pics.

Emily making her way to the top
Emily said she doesn't really like rock climbing... Emily making her way to the top
...but she made it to the top like a pro. Belay
Judd was belaying Emily. first attempt of the day
Steve trying to get over a tricky part of the rock. El Ojo
Ben working out the best way over 'el ojo'. Spider Man?
Judd doing what he calls a 'jump start'

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