Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lake Titicaca

Quite possibly the worst named body of water in the world. Or is it? ;)

Lago Titicaca

The lake is at an extremely high altitude of 12,500 feet, though the island we were on (isla del sol) was a bit higher. Believe you me the climb up to our hotel was not enjoyable, even though I paid a local boy to carry my pack up. Just when I thought I was getting in shape! The views tho...unforgettable. We stayed on an island called Isla del Sol which translates to island of the sun, there is a smaller one called moon island or isla de la luna. The water was a deep blue, and the lake so vast I could almost trick my mind into believing I was at the ocean. In the afternoon watching the clouds come in covering the land (Peru) across the lake was amazing.

Lago Titicaca

My mind wondered and I wondered what the spaniards must have thought when they first arrived. If they came in rainy season and it was just as cloudy would they have thought they found another ocean? What must they have thought of the sun worshiping indigenous population. But then it just makes me think of how they exploited them, and who wants to think such sad thoughts. Almost as sad as the documentary I saw on the mines in Potosí. It was called 'The Devil's Miner'. If anyone wants a real look at how life is for the miners in one of the worlds oldest and largest mines you should check it out. It show's how life really is here, and honestly it's pretty sad, but worth a look.

La Paz

After two days at the lake we spent some time in La Paz. I love the hustle and bustle of a big city, but only for a few days. The taxi drivers are crazy even for me, which is saying a lot considering I grew up with driving with my Dad who is quite possibly the craziest (or worst depending on how you look at it) driver west of the Mississippi.

La Paz

We went to some amazing restaurants. You can eat delish gourmet food for what it would cost you to eat at Applebees back in the states. I was spoiled since my friends that were visiting treated me. I love having visitors. :)
I thoroughly enjoyed my time in La Paz (especially the visit to this great little modern art museum) but I am glad to live in a smaller less hectic city.

Next month I'm making a trip back to the states for work, though I don't really want to my bank account is demanding it. :) So no more posts for a while. If you know my Dad don't tell him I'm coming, I'm trying to surprise him. Hopefully I won't give him a heart attack. But at his age you never know! lol

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