Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What the heck is smarty pig?

No, I'm not asking for charity. :) But it would be Smarty pig is the only way I can save money.....when it's taken away from me. It's pretty cool, it calculates how much you have to save per month to reach your goal. I recently upped my goal. I was at 65%, but I realized I needed to start saving more if I'm really going to move. Anyways, use smarty pig- they're the best. And no they aren't paying me to say so. :D

In other news we started french class last week. The orientation was boring, as will be the next couple of weeks until we get past the basics, or at least I expect them to be. Gideon seems to be an enthusiastic teacher, I hope he's hard on us. ;) J'aimerais parler français!

Also- I just bought a Pablo Neruda poetry book. It's fabulous, has simultaneous translation. Spanish on one side of the book and english on the other. I love poetry, always have. Yet I think I love it even more in spanish. After learning spanish and some french I can tell you english is neither beautiful nor descriptive. So check out Neruda, he's good even when translated to english.

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  1. My little "blogs I'm following" widget on my dashboard can't load your feed for some reason. :(
    Anywho, congrats on French class. let me know how it's coming along. I've been reading culinary books like mad and a lot of them reference Escoffier or Carême in French. They knew what they were doing.