Monday, November 12, 2012

a new path

This Summer changed everything. There are times in a persons life when they think they have it all figured out. My life was going in one direction. Then it did a 180. I wouldn't say I'm going backwards, just not the way I thought I was going.

Now instead of the Andes mountains, bus rides with chicken and dirty faced children, and colonial architcture, I'm surrounded by cornfields, hill-billys (not really) and 'Iowa nice'.

A few months ago I found a new path to take. The Burmese (Myanmar) people that have settled in Des Moines are in need of so much help, and they are so kind.

Burmese study in Omaha

Food before our study

Special talk and slide show from Burmese bother in Omaha.

So though I'm stuck in Iowa, I've found a reason to get out of bed in the morning. A new people and culture to learn about. I'll try and update this blog more often, and I'll include photos from my travels. Hopefully to Thailand and NYC.

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