Thursday, January 7, 2010

Stupid Iowa Males

So this will be a small rant....I know I never post anymore!

Ok, rant of the day. The weather of late has been horrendous. And we are in Iowa! You would think people would know how to dress when there are blizzard conditions. But NOOOOO. This afternoon, despite the black ice and arctic wind, I went to the store to get ingredients for cookies I had to make for the remodel at our hall. There was a surprising amount of people there and a good number of the men were wearing shorts! I know what it's like to wish it were winter. But I wear bright colors and think happy thoughts....not shorts in blizzard weather. Today on the news they said we've already received the average amount of snowfall we should have for the WHOLE year. Please let me inherit some money from someone so I can leave soon!!

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